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    Weber State University
  Dec 12, 2017
2017-2018 Catalog

Zoology (BIS)

  • Grade Requirements: A grade of “C -” or better in courses used toward the Zoology Emphasis in BIS.
  • Credit Hour Requirements: A minimum of 18 credit hours in Zoology courses.


Students must have their Zoology BIS Emphasis contract approved by the departmental advisor and the BIS program coordinator. Call 801-626-6165 for the departmental advisor’s contact information. (Also refer to the Departmental Advisor Referral List.)

Course Requirements for BIS Emphasis

Zoology Courses Required (11 credit hours)

Zoology BIS Emphasis Electives (7 credit hours)

Select 7 credit hours of approved upper division Zoology courses (numbered 3000 and above).


ZOOL 2100  – Human Anatomy Credits: (4) and ZOOL 2200  – Human Physiology Credits: (4) may be used at half credit (2 credit hours per each) to fulfill elective credit hours in the Zoology BIS Emphasis.