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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog
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ECED 2600 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education & Care

Credits: (3)
Typically Taught Summer Semester: Full Sem - Online
Typically Taught Fall Semester: Full Sem, Full Sem - Online
Typically Taught Spring Semester: Full Sem - Online
Course Fee: $50.00
Course Fee Purpose: This course fee will be used to provide coaching support for field experiences associated with this course.
Description: This course examines the historical philosophical, ethical and cultural roots of early childhood education of contemporary perspectives on childhood and the meaning of human difference. Students will explore ways to live out inclusive commitments and aspirations to create communities where all children and families experience a sense of belonging.
3 hours lecture per week and 12 hours field observation.
Pre-requisite(s): CHF 1500  or instructor consent.
Pre-requisite/Co-requisite: ECED 2500 .

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