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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog
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PE 1427 - Jiu Jitsu, Level III

Credits: (1)
Typically Taught Summer Semester: 1st Blk; 2nd Blk
Typically Taught Fall Semester: Full Sem, 1st Blk, 2nd Blk
Typically Taught Spring Semester: Full Sem, 1st Blk, 2nd Blk
Course Fee: $50.00
Course Fee Purpose: This course has a fee attached. Course fees are established in order to benefit the students in this course and may, among other things, be used to cover the costs of equipment replacement and maintenance, consumable materials, or to meet specific regulatory requirements. Examples of course fee expenditures for this specific course include replacing free standing punching bags, focus mitts, chest protectors, sparring equipment, belts, head guards, hand wraps, shin/instep/forearm protectors, and other Jiu Jitsu equipment/training aides, and technology based teaching and learning aides, including but not limited to apps and other digitally based resources
Description: A physical activity course that allows students to learn and develop skills needed to perform the various styles of Jiu Jitsu.
May be repeated twice.

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