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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog
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CS 6300 - Route Planning and Navigation

Credits: (3)
Typically Taught Fall Semester: Full Sem
Course Fee: $25.00
Course Fee Purpose: Course fees for the CS major are designed to cover the costs of lab equipment
maintenance and replacement including desktop and server computer systems and
software; consumable materials and supplies; and support for lab aides, student tutors,
and online instructional resources.
Description: The course teaches advanced topics of perception, mapping, route planning and navigation concepts. In this course the students will create maps of the operational environment using SLAM. Given the map, the students would drive the vehicle autonomously to a specified destination. Topics that will be covered include camera calibration, advanced computer vision and path planning. The course will conclude with a capstone project with the expectation that the student can program the vehicle to navigate in a dynamic environment, follow road markings, and reach a specified goal; latitude and longitude.
Suggested Requisite(s): ECE 3730  

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