May 21, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Engaged Learning, Honors, and Interdisciplinary Programs

Dean of Engaged Learning, Honors, and Interdisciplinary Programs: Brenda Kowalweski

Telephone Contact: Dana Gibson 801-626-6006


Weber State University has a long history of engaging students in learning both inside and outside the classroom. Engaged learning fosters intellectual and personal growth, critical thinking, problem solving, civic engagement, and professional and career development opportunities. Students engage with faculty members in small groups or one-on-one, for an intellectually challenging experience that is enhanced by professional and real world application of knowledge.

The Office of Undergraduate Research, the Center for Community Engaged Learning, the Sustainability Practices and Research Center, and Honors Program continue to facilitate the engaged learning of WSU students by collaborating with disciplines across colleges. These programs offer engaged learning opportunities in undergraduate research, community engaged learning, and classes that provide a stimulating, creative and supportive learning environment.

Interdisciplinary programs provide students the opportunity to expand their learning across different subject areas, and contribute to a well-rounded educational experience. Students who want to individualize or create a unique academic program resulting in an interdisciplinary degree can do so through the Bachelor of Integrated Studies program.

Program Chairs/Directors/Coordinators

Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR): Dr. John Cavitt   801-626-8541
Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL): Dr. Becky Jo Gesteland   801-626-7737
Honors Program: Dr. Dan Bedford   801-626-7591
Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS): Dr. Michael Cena   801-626-7713
Sustainability Practices and Research Center (SPARC): Dr. Alice Mulder   801-626-6326
Library Science: Wendy Holliday   801-626-6403
Asian Studies: Dr. Greg Lewis   801-626-6781
Environmental Studies: Dr. Mikel Vause   801-626-6659
Ethnic Studies: Dr. Eric Ewert   801-626-6197
European Studies: Dr. Thomas Mathews   801-626-6345
Latin American Studies: Dr. Isabel Asensio   801-626-6777
Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP): Debi Sheridan   801-626-6775
Legal Studies: Dr. Richard Price   801-626-6694
Linguistics: Dr. Mark LeTourneau   801-626-6386
Neuroscience: Dr. Todd Hillhouse   801-626-6247
Urban and Regional Planning: Dr. Bryan Dorsey   801-626-6944
Women & Gender Studies: Dr. Melina Alexander   801-626-8742

Offices and Programs