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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Department of Computer Science

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Department Chair: Brian Rague
Location: Technical Education Building, Room 110
Telephone Contact: Anita Proul 801-626-7929
Salt Lake Program Coordinator: Ted Cowan 801-957-4769
Davis Program Coordinator: Brad Peterson 801-395-3465
Associate Professors: Delroy Brinkerhoff, David Ferro, Richard Fry, Robert Hilton, Brian Rague; Assistant Professors: Ted Cowan, Spencer Hilton, Raji Lauffer, Garth Tuck, Drew Weidman, Yong Zhang; Instructors: Luke Fernandez, Joshua Jensen, Brad Peterson

The Department of Computer Science offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. The nature of the curricula offers flexibility as a student may tailor their program of study to their  interests and professional aspirations. The curricula is based on ABET suggested program outcomes and also provides a Customized Option for students seeking a second bachelor’s degree or a minor in a different academic area. The Department also offers a minor, a teaching minor, and a BIS concentration. A Game Development Certificate is also offered that consists of 15-16 credits that focus on game development and math and also requires a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science to be completed as a pre or co-requisite.

The Computer Science program is a technical, scientific approach requiring a solid foundation in mathematics and physics. The program blends scientific and engineering principles implemented through actual, practical, and applications-oriented experience as well as the intellectual study of computing. It is designed to provide a sound fundamental understanding of logic and of digital computer organization as well as the interaction between hardware, software and the interconnection of system components. Also emphasized is software engineering which includes understanding operating systems and other software systems design including implementation of the theory of computing, analysis of algorithms, simulation, and knowledge-based systems. The objectives of the Computer Science program are to provide students with an education that will meet their academic and career goals as well as meeting the needs of local industries.


    Associate of Applied ScienceInstitutional CertificateBachelor of ScienceEmphasis Option for Bachelor of Integrated Studies

       BIS emphases are also offered for most programs with a minor.

    MinorTeaching MinorHonors, Departmental

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