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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Department of Sales and Service Technology

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Department Chair: Vel Casler
Location: Technical Education Building, Room 101
Telephone: Ranee Dearden 801-626-6913
Professors: Vel Casler, Desiree Cooper Larsen, Steven Eichmeier, Carl Grunander; Associate Professor: Rick Dove; Assistant Professors: Kristen Arnold, Tim Border, Jo Ellen Jonsson; Instructor: Shauna Morris

The Department of Sales and Service Technology offers associate of applied science degrees in the areas of Interior Design Technology and Sales & Merchandising Technology and bachelor’s degrees in Technical Sales and Interior Design – Technical Sales.

Interior Design Technology

Advisors: Kristen Arnold 801-626-7935
Shauna Morris 801-626-7940

Interior Design Technology is a program offered under the Department of Sales & Service Technology.  Interior Design Technology is a two-year program that prepares students for the four-year Interior Design Technical Sales degree. The two-year AAS degree provides students academic preparation for employment as assistant designers, wholesale showrooms, and retail sales positions.

The four-year Interior Design - Technical Sales (BS) degree is described here .

Sales and Merchandising

The sales and merchandising program is designed to prepare people for employment in selling at all levels of distribution and merchandising and middle management areas of retailing. Occupational opportunities include positions as salespeople (auto, insurance, real estate, etc.), middle management areas of sales managers and wholesale managers, retail salespeople, departmental managers, fashion coordinators, buyers, sales promotion managers, personnel directors, and display people. Students supplement their course work with practical on-the-job training in local business establishments, receiving college credit for their work experience.

Technical Sales

This program prepares individuals to serve as agents or sales representatives in selling technical products/services to other businesses, plants, professionals, and public and private institutions. This program offers a technical sales emphasis tailored toward specific technical fields such as:

  Manufacturing Rep Communication System Rep
  Pharmaceutical Rep Medical Equipment Rep
  Financial Planning Real Estate
  Technology Sales Financial Services Marketing
  Wholesale Rep Broker
  Electronic Rep Small Business Owner


    Associate of Applied ScienceBachelor of ScienceEmphasis Option for Bachelor of Integrated Studies

       BIS emphases are also offered for most programs with a minor.

    MinorHonors, Departmental

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