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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Developmental Mathematics Program

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Director: Kathryn Van Wagoner
Location: Building 4, Room 506A
Telephone Contact: Michelle Jarvis 801-626-7478
Associate Professor: John Thaeler; Instructors: Brenda Acor, Alice Allred, Loyal Baker, Mary Jo Hansen, David Imig, Debi McKee, Darrell Poore, Carrie Quesnell, Pamela Schilling, Mary Ellen Yonkee

The Developmental Mathematics Program prepares students to take the Quantitative Literacy courses offered by the Mathematics Department and the Philosophy Program. See the Core Requirements listed under the General Education Requirements of the WSU Degree and General Education Requirements of this catalog.

Placement in Mathematics Courses

Many students enrolling at Weber State are under-prepared for college level mathematics. All students requiring developmental course work must enroll in and not withdraw from their initial developmental course(s) within the first two semesters. These students are then required to enroll in developmental course(s) and make progress each subsequent semester (excluding summer) until all relevant minimum developmental requirements (including MATH 1010  if applicable) have been met for the students’ declared degree program of study (AAS, AS, AA, or bachelor’s degree). Otherwise, a hold will be placed on their registration, which can only be removed by the Student Success Center (see the Policy and Procedures Manual, PPM 6-02.III.D.1. Students are placed into developmental math courses using ACCUPLACER scores.

Students are placed into higher-level mathematics courses using either ACCUPLACER, ACT, or COMPASS scores. Note that the cut scores given below may be subject to change. (For the most recent cut scores, see the WSU Assessment and Placement Standards.

ACT Math Score1 ACCUPLACER2 Scores COMPASS3 Scores
Course Placement
Not Applicable CLM 90 and above Trig 75 and above MATH 1210  (Required for some majors)
23 and above CLM 50 and above Note: CLM 70 or higher satisfies QL and a MATH 1050  prerequisite requirement for any course CA 50 - 100
Trig 45 - 74
AL 70 - 100
Note: CA 65 or higher satisfies QL and a MATH 1050  prerequisite requirement for any course
MATH 1030 , MATH 1040 , MATH 1050 , MATH 1060 3 or MATH 1080  or PHIL 2200 4   (Requirement varies based on major)
22 and below,
Must take
placement exam
EA 55 - 64
CLM 0 - 49
AL 58 - 69
CA 25 - 49
MATH 1010 
or PHIL 2200 5
AR 75 and above
EA 0 - 54
PA 70 - 100
AL 31 - 57
CA 0- 24
MATH 0990 
AR 20 - 74 PA 0 - 69
AL 0 - 30
MATH 0950 

1 ACT MATH scores are only valid for two years from the date of the exam
2 ACCUPLACER scores are only valid for one year from the date of the exam
3 MATH 1060  does not satisfy the QL requirement
4 PHIL 2200  will satisfy the QL requirement *

Test Score Legend:

CLM - College Level Math EA - Elementary Algebra AR - Arithmetic Trig - Trigonometry
CA - College Algebra AL - Algebra PA - Pre-Algebra NA - Not Applicable

* Weber State University students who anticipate transferring to another institution within the Utah State higher education system should fulfill quantitative literacy (QL) with one of the approved Math QL courses rather than PHIL 2200 , “Deductive Logic.” PHIL 2200  will not be accepted in transfer as a QL course by another Utah public institution of higher education.

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