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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Department of Mathematics

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Department Chair: Paul Talaga

Location: Building 4, Room 518C

Telephone Contact: Debi Larson 801-626-6095

Professors: Afshin Ghoreishi, Kent Kidman, George Kvernadze, Timothy Steele, Paul Talaga; Associate Professor: James Peters; Assistant Professors: Mahmud Akelbek, Chloe Cai, Julian Chan, Mihail Cocos, Sandra Fital-Akelbek, Matthew Ondrus; Instructor Specialist: Dixie Blackinton

From data mining to forensics, mathematics is the language of choice for an ever increasing number of disciplines. The scientist, the engineer, the actuary, the financial planner – all use algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics. But also the voter needs to understand these concepts, albeit at a less advanced level, to reach informed decisions about a multitude of issues from utility rates and retirement saving to information security and global warming.

The Department of Mathematics offers a variety of courses (from general interest to advanced levels of applicability), two minors, departmental honors, and three majors. The Mathematics major may be the best choice for someone planning to go directly to graduate school; the Applied Mathematics major prepares one for a job that uses mathematics; the Mathematics Teaching major prepares students to be teachers of mathematics in elementary through high school.


Since each course in mathematics requires a working knowledge of principles from prerequisite courses, students are required to earn a “C” grade in each prerequisite course before registering for the next course.


Weber State University students will be placed into mathematics courses by the following procedure.

  1. To enroll in mathematics courses MATH 1030 , MATH 1040 , MATH 1050 , MATH 1060 , or MATH 1080  a student must have either:
    1. Received a Math ACT score of 23 or above, within the past 24 months
    2. Scored sufficiently high on a placement exam at the WSU testing center within the past twelve months.
    3. Completed the prerequisite course with a grade of “C” or higher within the past 12 months.

Students who score below 23 on the Math ACT will be placed into developmental courses, if applicable, based on the information outlined in the WSU Assessment & Placement Standards document. The purpose of this policy is to help students succeed academically by matching their skills and knowledge with the appropriate academic course(s) in math. For specific information about the policy go to the online Policies and Procedures Manual PPM 6-2. Also refer to the Developmental Math Program .

  1. To enroll in Mathematics courses numbered 1210 through 2210, a student must have within the past twelve months either:
    1. Obtained the appropriate AP Calculus score described below:
      1. Five on the BC test places the student in MATH 2210  or higher
      2. Three or four on the BC test places the student in MATH 1220 
      3. Four or five on the AB test places the student in MATH 1220   
      4. Three on the AB test places the student in MATH 1210   
    2. Scored sufficiently high on a placement exam at the WSU testing center.
    3. Completed the prerequisite course(s) with a grade of “C” or higher.

Failure to comply with this policy will normally result in the cancellation of the student’s math course registration.

It is recommended that students have their programs (majors and minors) approved before registering for upper division courses.


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