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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Department of Psychology

Department Chair: Eric Amsel
Location: Social Science Building, Room 370
Telephone Contact: Aubrey Lord 801-626-6247
Professors: Eric Amsel, Lauren Fowler, Joseph Horvat; Associate Professors: Aaron Ashley, Azenett Garza, Theresa Kay, Matthew Schmolesky, Leigh Shaw; Assistant Professors: Todd C. Baird, Melinda Russell-Stamp, ; Instructor: Maria Parrilla de Kokal; Emeritus Professors: Julianne Arbuckle, Richard Grow, Bruce Haslam, Merrill May, William McVaugh, Thomas Musgrave, Benne Williams

The reasons for selecting a major or minor or choosing a BIS emphasis in Psychology are to broadly prepare yourself to understand human and animal behavior and to prepare yourself for a possible career working with or doing research on people. The program is designed to teach the content of psychology, the major methods of psychological inquiry, and some skills and techniques in applying its concepts.

Students majoring in Psychology can select a program of study individually tailored to interests in counseling, child and family, business, corrections, neuroscience, research, graduate study in psychology and other areas such as law, political science and personnel. Students are required to select courses as described below to insure some breadth in their program of study. All majors are assigned an advisor who will help them develop their course of study. Teaching majors and minors and BIS students should contact the department chairperson for advisement.

Residency Policy

The Psychology Department has established a residency policy for students transferring undergraduate psychology credits from another accredited institution of higher education. Students who are majoring in Psychology must complete at least 9 credit hours of Psychology courses with a C or better in residence at Weber State University; students who are minoring in Psychology must complete at least 6 credit hours of Psychology courses with a C or better in residence at Weber State University. All transfer requests must go through the University Transfer Office.

Psychology Courses Table

Required Core Courses (26 credit hours)


* PSY 3600 - Statistics in Psychology  and PSY 3605  Psychology Statistics Lab are recommended to be taken no later than first semester Junior year. MATH 1010  or equivalent is required for PSY 3600 . For PSY 3605 : MATH 1010  or equivalent is a prerequisite and PSY 3600  is a prerequisite/co-requisite.

** PSY 3610 - Research Methods in Psychology  is recommended to be taken no later than second semester Junior year. Note that PSY 3600  and PSY 3605  (or an equivalent with prior approval from the Department Chair) are prerequisites for PSY 3610 .

† One of these two courses must be taken to fulfill the core course requirement. However, the student may opt to also take the second course as an elective.

Additional Courses (10 credit hours): from the Core General Courses, Core Content Courses, or Electives (Group A or B)


* PSY 4310  or permission of the instructor is a prerequisite for PSY 4340 

** PSY 3010  and PSY 3600  are prerequisites for PSY 4760 


*** PSY 2800 , PSY 2830 , PSY 4800  and PSY 4830  require a contract to be filled out with an instructor prior to registration.

**** PSY 2890  and PSY 4890  require the student to have a current job in the field and get permission of the coordinator in the department.

***** Eighteen credit hours of psychology courses approved by the supervising instructor are required, one of which must be PSY 1010 . Also, permission of the instructor is required. A maximum of four credit hours counted toward the psychology major and minor from the following courses: PSY 2890 , PSY 4890 , PSY 4380  and PSY 4390 .

****** PSY 4910  requires a contract to be completed for the project and approval of the Department of Psychology prior to registration. The course is taken for one semester to complete the proposal and gain approval. This course is taken for a second semester to complete the project.

******* PSY 4920  may be used for credit toward a major or minor or BIS in psychology but only when written permission of the department is given at the time of registration.

Course Designations:
DV = Fulfills a University Diversity Requirement
SS = Fulfills a Social Science General Education Requirement

Interdisciplinary Minors

The Psychology Department participates in the Latin American Studies, Linguistics, Neuroscience and Women’s Studies Minor Programs. Students who wish to enroll in one of these programs should indicate their desire to do so with the program coordinator who will help them work out a proper combination of courses to fit their particular needs. (See the Engaged Learning and Interdisciplinary Programs  section of this catalog.)


    Bachelor of ScienceEmphasis Option for Bachelor of Integrated Studies

       BIS emphases are also offered for most programs with a minor.

    MinorTeaching MinorHonors, Departmental