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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog

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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Department Chair: Dr. Marek Matyjasik
Location: Tracy Hall Science Center, Room 338
Telephone Contact: Anna Cich 801-626-7139
Professors: Michael Hernandez, Marek Matyjasik, Adolph Yonkee; Associate Professors: Elizabeth Balgord, Carie Frantz; Assistant Professors: Ryan Frazier, Caitlin Tems; Lab Manager: Sara Summers

Earth scientists (also called geoscientists) investigate Earth, our planetary home, including its origin, composition, dynamic processes, and evolution over geologic time. Earth science knowledge is vital to society, as we explore for natural resources, mitigate the impacts of natural disasters, and work to protect the quality of the environment for future generations. Environmental scientists are problem solvers; they use multi-science approaches to investigate and address a wide variety of environmental issues. Both Earth and environmental scientists rely heavily of geospatial technologies (GIS, remote sensing, drones) to study and model Earth processes and features. This is an important and exciting time to be involved in Earth, environmental, and geospatial science careers.

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers bachelor’s degrees in Geology, Applied Environmental Geoscience, and Earth Science Teaching, and supports the Physical Science Composite Teaching degree. The department offers minors in Geology, Geospatial Studies, and Earth Science Teaching. A certificate of proficiency in Geospatial Analysis is also available.

Every citizen should have a basic knowledge of how our planet, including its climate system, works. Thus, the department offers a wide variety of physical science (PS) general education courses.

Interdisciplinary Programs

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences contributes courses and faculty expertise to the interdisciplinary Environmental Science major (BS) sponsored by the College of Science. In addition, the department participates in the interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Minor Program and the Urban and Regional Planning Emphasis Program. Students who wish to enroll in one of these programs should contact the program coordinator, who will help them select a combination of courses to fit their particular educational goals. (See the Engaged Learning, Honors, and Interdisciplinary Programs  section of the catalog.)


Earth and Environmental Sciences Course Descriptions  

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences uses the course prefix GEO because “geo”, from the Greek, means Earth.

Emphasis Options for Bachelor of Integrated Studies

The Geology Minor  and/or Geospatial Studies Minor  may be used as a BIS emphasis.


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