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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Ethnic Studies Emphasis

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Coordinator: Dr. Eric Ewert
Location: Linquist Hall, Room 361
Telephone: 801-626-6197

The Ethnic Studies Emphasis at WSU examines the construction and context of ethnicity in the United States with a primary focus on Americans of African, Asian, Latino, and Native American descent. Other ethnic foci may be developed by the student to meet his or her particular interests. As an element of American identity that cuts across disciplinary categories, ethnicity requires a mode of study that draws on the humanities, the social sciences, and other related fields. Ethnicity also must be addressed historically and comparatively, paying attention to the five centuries of North American minority experience and the perspectives of other New World societies and cultures. Above all, the program seeks to convey knowledge and understanding of ethnicity in the United States and to help students learn about the opportunities and responsibilities they have as citizens in an increasingly multicultural nation.

  • Grade Requirements: A grade of “C-” or better is required for all courses in Ethnic Studies.
  • Credit Hour Requirements: A minimum of 18 credit hours.

Ethnic Studies Program

Course Requirements for Emphasis

Basic Core (6 credit hours required of all students)

Select one of the following options or design a comparable one:


Should other courses relating specifically to ethnic minorities, either of an experimental or of a permanent nature be added to the curriculum, these courses will be accepted as part of the Ethnic Studies emphasis; should such courses be part of an academic area not listed, the new academic area will be added to those presently constituting the Ethnic Studies emphasis.

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