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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Integrated Studies (BIS)

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Coordinator: Dr. Michael Cena
Location: Stewart Library, Room 58
Telephone Contact: Beth Thompson 801-626-7713

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) Program is an interdisciplinary degree program that serves the needs of students who want to create a specific academic program, obtain a broad liberal education, prepare for particular career goals, or go to graduate school. The program best suits students who have developed a sense of their educational and life goals, and who are looking for ways to express those values through an individualized university program.

To accomplish these general outcomes, BIS students complete course work in three different disciplines. As a culminating experience, students then synthesize the three areas in a capstone project. The BIS degree option is available to students in good standing at Weber State University with a GPA of 2.5 or above. Students must formally apply for admittance into the BIS program, and must take 15 credit hours in the program after they are accepted.

Program Requirements

  • The institution requires that every bachelor’s degree candidate accumulates a total of 120 credit hours, 40 of which must be upper division hours.
  • A BIS student can expect to take a minimum of 18 credit hours in each of three areas of emphasis, plus 5 hours for the capstone preparation and project, for a total of 59 credits in the BIS program.
  • All contract courses and the capstone must receive a minimum grade of “C” in order to count towards the BIS degree.
  • Only graded classes can be included in the course contract (special exams, CLEP, or credit/no credit may not be included in the BIS contract).
  • Courses which are used to satisfy General Education may not be used again in the BIS contract.


All prospective students must meet with the BIS Coordinator to plan a course of study, and be admitted into the program. Call 801-626-7713 to schedule an appointment. For more information, see the BIS Web page (

General Education

Refer to Degree and General Education Requirements  for bachelor’s degree requirements. Honors students may elect to fulfill this requirement through the Honors general education option.

Course Requirements for BIS Degree

Contract of three areas of emphasis: (54 credit hours minimum)

Every BIS student will take a minimum of 18 credit hours in three different academic departments or institutionally recognized disciplines (two of which must offer upper division credit) as approved by the department and the BIS Coordinator. Any change in the course contract must be approved by the chair of the appropriate department and the BIS coordinator.


Upon request, any student who has completed, or who will complete, a technical associate degree at Weber State University or another regionally accredited institution may request to have one of three emphasis areas waived and fulfill the requirements for the Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree by completing two areas of emphasis in addition to the technical associate degree. Requests will be reviewed by the Director of the BIS program, and students will be expected to fulfill all other WSU and BIS program requirements.

BIS Capstone and Graduation Preparation Class (2 credit hours)

This class will prepare students to successfully complete the BIS capstone thesis project, and to prepare themselves professionally for careers and graduate school. (Required prerequisite for capstone)

BIS Capstone Project: (3 credit hours)

The BIS capstone project gives students the opportunity to integrate their three areas of emphasis into a single thesis. (Required for graduation)

Internship Option

Elective - BIS Internship (1-3 credit hours)

The opportunity to earn 1 to 3 credits for an internship is available to students in the BIS program. Please contact the BIS coordinator for more information.

BIS Departmental Honors

A Departmental Honors designation is available through the BIS degree by completing the following requirements:

  • The student must be admitted into the BIS program which includes a meeting with the BIS Coordinator to plan the course of study. The student must then ALSO be admitted to the Honors Program and meet with the Honors’ advisor. Students who have not completed their General Education requirements are encouraged to take Honors General Education classes. The student must complete all the requirements for a BIS Degree, including completing a BIS Capstone Project or Paper with an “A” grade.
  • The student must register with the Community Involvement Center and complete the following community service hours depending on his/her cumulative GPA in the three areas of emphases upon graduation.
    • 3.70 20 hours of community service
    • 3.60 30 hours of community service
    • 3.50 40 hours of community service
  • All students completing the BIS degree are required to complete a BIS Capstone Project. Upon its completion and acceptance, a copy of the Capstone Project must be given to the Honors Center for inclusion in the student project file.

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