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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Philosophy (BA)

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  • Program Prerequisite: Not required.
  • Minor: Required
  • Grade Requirements: A grade of “C” or better in courses counted toward fulfilling the major (a grade of “C-” is not acceptable) and an overall GPA of 2.00.
  • Credit Hour Requirements: A total of 120 credit hours is required for graduation; 40 upper division credit hours are required (courses numbered 3000 and above). Philosophy majors are required to take 36 credit hours within the major. A minimum of 27 upper division hours are required within the major.


All Philosophy students are required to meet with a faculty advisor at least annually for course and program advisement. Call 801-626-6694 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Admission Requirements

Declare your program of study (see Enrollment Services and Information ). There are no special admission or application requirements.

Core and General Education

Refer to Degree and General Education Requirements  for Bachelor of Arts requirements. See Language Courses Required to fulfill the BA listed under the major course requirements. PHIL 3550  will fulfill the University diversity requirement. One of the following courses may be used to fulfill both general education (humanities) and program requirements: PHIL 1000 , PHIL 1250 , PHIL 1120 .

Students majoring or minoring in Philosophy who transfer from another institution and who intend to graduate from WSU will be required to take, in the case of the minor, at least one class in PHIL, and in the case of the major, at least two classes in PHIL, including Senior Seminar.

Major Course Requirements for BA Degree

Language Courses Required to fulfill the BA

Students completing a BA in philosophy must complete 6 hours of foreign language courses or demonstrate equivalent competency. Students must also complete 6 hours of language arts, which are automatically satisfied by completing the philosophy course requirements.

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