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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Medical Laboratory Sciences (AAS)

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  • Program Prerequisite: Completion of the support courses listed under the Admission Requirements.
  • Grade Requirements: A grade of “C+” or better in all MLS courses, and a grade of “C-” or better in all support courses. A “C” is required in HTHS 1110  in order to continue to HTHS 1111 . Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.
  • Credit Hour Requirements: A total of 67-68 credit hours is required for graduation, 33-34 of these are required MLS courses, 22 are required support courses, and 12 are required general education courses.


Students interested in the MLS program are required to meet with a MLS faculty advisor, preferably before beginning any MLS support courses or general education requirements. After initial advisement, students are encouraged to meet with a MLS advisor each semester prior to registration. To schedule an advising appointment, call the MLS secretary at 801-626-6118.  (Also refer to the Department Advisor Referral List.)

Admission Requirements

On-campus students:

  1. Meet with a MLS faculty advisor.
  2. Complete most or all of the MLS support courses by April 1 of the year of application (student may be enrolled in those courses that spring semester). For the list of support courses, see Course Requirements for the AAS Degree.
  3. Submit application and a non-refundable $25 fee to DCHP Admissions Advisement office (Marriott Allied Health Building, Room 108) by April 1. Applications are available in the MLS Department office (Marriott Allied Health Building, Room 208). For more information, call the MLS secretary at 801-626-6118.
  4. Complete a federal background check and drug screen by the end of fall semester after acceptance into the program.

Online students:

  1. Must be currently employed by an accredited (JACHO/CAP/COLA/CLIA) laboratory that can provide a multidisciplinary laboratory experience.
  2. Contact the MLS online academic advisor, Cindi Kranek, at 801-626-8546 or for advising.
  3. Have employer read and sign Statement of Support form, available at
  4. Apply to WSU for general admissions. Applications are available online at
  5. Send all official transcripts from other institutions to the WSU admissions office.
  6. Complete a MLS AAS online application, available at Submit a completed Statement of Support along with the application. A $95 non-refundable departmental application fee is also required.
  7. Complete a federal background check and drug screen, if required by employer.

All supporting documents listed above must be received by application due dates of February 1 for fall semester or September 1 for spring semester.

For more information about the online application requirements and process, go to, and contact Cindi Kranek at 801-626-8546 or

General Education

Refer to Degree and General Education Requirements  for Associate of Applied Science requirements. The following required courses will fulfill both program requirements and general education requirements in the Life and Physical Sciences areas: CHEM 1110 , CHEM 1210 , HTHS 1110 , MICR 1113 , MICR 2054 , and PHYS 1010 . Remaining general education requirements can be fulfilled by taking the required 12 credit hours from each of the following areas:

6 credit hours Composition
3 credit hours Creative Arts & Humanities
3 credit hours Social Sciences

Some requirements may be met by ACT, CLEP, and/or AP scores as designated by the University (contact the Admissions Office for more information).

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