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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

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Early Childhood Education (BS)

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The Departments of Child and Family Studies and Teacher Education offer a major in Early Childhood Education with certification for teaching in programs which serve children from birth through eight years of age (Pre-K through 3rd grade). Students preparing to teach a Pre-K early care and education program, Head Start, or a Kindergarten to 3rd grade classroom of a public school graduate with a major in Early Childhood Education.

  • Program Prerequisite: Students must have completed at least 36-38 credit hours of required prerequisite support courses and meet all other Teacher Education admission requirements. (See Department of Teacher Education  in this catalog.)
  • Minor: Not required. Early Childhood is the specialization.
  • Grade Requirements: Early Childhood Education students must meet minimum major course grade requirements and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher in all college work.  Early Childhood Education students take two groups of required courses: Early Childhood Education courses and Elementary Education Professional Education Courses (Teacher Education Levels).  Students must receive a grade of B- or better in all required Early Childhood Education courses.  A grade of “B-” or better is required in all Teacher Education Professional Education courses. If a grade in an Early Childhood Education course does not meet the minimum requirement for graduation, the student may retake the course once.  If the student retakes a course, the student will receive the grade earned in the second course attempt.  In special circumstances, by the judgment of the department chair, the student may petition to the Early Childhood/Early Childhood Education Committee, as appropriate, to graduate with the lower grade.
  • Credit Hour Requirements: A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for a bachelor’s degree; 108-110 of these are required within the major.
  • Program Code: 5002BS 
  • CIPC: 131210


Students must follow the Department of Child and Family Studies Advisement procedures. Contact the department advisor located in the McKay Education Building, Room 248 (801-626-6411).  (Also refer to the Department Advisor Referral List.)

Admission Requirements

Declare your program of study (see Program of Study (Major/Minor) Declaration ). Early Childhood Education majors must meet the Teacher Education admission and licensure requirements (see Department of Teacher Education ).

Students enrolling in CHF 2610  and CHF 2620  will be working with families and children; the State of Utah requires a background check and clearance. Applicants must be fingerprinted and complete a background check before being fully accepted into the program. A handout available from the department secretary explains the procedure and nominal expenses. If the background check reveals misconduct, you will not be allowed to enroll in these courses or any others which include field experience, practica or student teaching. Background checks require up to eight weeks and should be completed, or in progress, prior to enrolling in CHF 2610  and CHF 2620 . See the department secretary for further details.

General Education

See Degree and General Education Requirements  for Bachelor of Science requirements.  The following courses required for the Early Childhood Education major will also satisfy general education requirements: COMM HU 1020  or COMM HU 2110 , GEOG SS/DV 1300  OR GEOG SS/DV 1520 , and CHF SS 1500 .  A science class with a lab is a requirement for Teacher Education.

Major Course Requirements for BS Degree

Pre Core Course Required (3 credit hours)


(This course will satisfy a general education requirement.)


*Taken concurrently.  Students are encouraged to apply two semesters prior to teaching in the Melba S. Lehner Children’s School.

Professional Education Courses Required (55 credit hours)

Admission to teacher education is required prior to enrollment in Professional Education courses.  Students are required to pass the appropriate Praxis II content test prior to enrolling in Level 1 courses.


The Professional Education component of the Early Childhood Education major requires four semesters to complete. Therefore, it is very important that candidates have completed the General Education requirements and have taken most of the required Support courses prior to entering the program. Because of the possible scheduling difficulties, failure to do so could mean spending an extra semester (or more) in completing the program.

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