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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog
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ECED 4720 INT - Student Teaching in the Children’s School

Credits: (6)
Typically Taught Fall Semester: Full Sem
Typically Taught Spring Semester: Full Sem
Description: Experience in application of generalizations regarding growth, guidance, and development of children in the Melba S. Lehner Children’s School. For juniors and seniors.
Pre-requisite(s): CHF 1500 ECED 2500 , ECED 2600 , ECED 2610 , and ECED 2620 .
Co-Requisite(s): To be taken concurrently with ECED 4710 
Pre-requisite/Co-requisite: ECED 3640 .
May be repeated 2 times up to 9 credit hours.

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