Aug 18, 2018  
2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

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Honors Program

Director: Dan Bedford
Student Advisor: Marilyn Diamond (801) 626-7336
Office Support: Megan Moulding (801) 626-7591
                           Chris Fink (801) 626-6230
Location: Stewart Library, Room 324
Internet Address:

Mission Statement

The Weber State University Honors Program offers students a comfortable and friendly learning environment.  We offer a:

  • Place for students looking for an academic community both through classes and in the Honors Center;
  • Number of small challenging and creative classes, many of which fulfill General Education requirements;
  • Commitment to diversity, in terms of the variety of classes offered, as well as our respect for individual differences;
  • Discussion based approach to classes that often includes collaborative group projects or activities;
  • Preparation for professional life and graduate school after Weber.

Students who earn Honors are well-prepared for professional life and/or graduate school.

Entrance and Exit Requirements

A student may apply for entrance into the Honors Program at any time after formal acceptance by the Weber State Admissions Office. However, in order to take advantage of the many options available, early entrance is recommended. Exit applications must be submitted before the fall or spring break of anticipated graduation.  Entrance and exit requirements and application forms are available in the Honors Center or at

Honors Designations

  • General Honors is available to students completing the requirements for an associate’s degree and successfully completing 12 credit hours of Honors courses.
  • Departmental Honors is available to students majoring in departments with designated Departmental Honors contracts.  Specific requirements for participating departments are found in these contracts.  Please see for a list of current Departmental Honors contracts and Departmental Honors Advisors.
  • University Honors is available to students earning a bachelor’s degree who have completed 24 hours of Honors credits which must include the Honors Program Core Requirements (see University Honors Core Requirements below).  Students may elect to graduate with only one of the three Honors designations, or they may choose to graduate with all or a combination of Honors designations.  Official recognition for the completion of an Honors designation is subject to timely submission of the exit form. Recognition of the designation will be made on the graduating Honors student’s transcript and diploma and will also be entered into the university’s commencement program. In the event a student completes Departmental Honors in more than one department, notation of each will be made on the transcript, diploma, and commencement program.

BIS Honors Emphasis is also available to students who elect to graduate with a BIS degree. A student may design an individualized Honors curriculum to be used as one of the three areas of emphasis for the Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree. For information consult the BIS office.

University Honors Core Requirements



Honors Course Descriptions