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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

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Department of Child and Family Studies

Department Chair: Wei Qiu
Location: McKay Education Building, Room 204
Telephone Contact: Danielle Orozco 801-626-7151
Advisor: Darcy Gregg 801-626-6411
Professors: Chloe Merrill, Paul Schvaneveldt; Associate Professor: Carrie Ota, Wei Qiu; Assistant Professors: Mark Adams, Sheila Anderson, Charles Dunn, Teri Henke, Daniel Hubler, Keith Osai

The Department of Child and Family Studies offers a broad personal and professional education by providing majors in the following areas: Early Childhood (Bachelor’s and Associate of Applied Science), Early Childhood Education, and Family Studies. Minors in Child Development and Family Studies are also offered. Child and Family Studies is also an area available for a Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS).

Learning is enhanced by the Melba S. Lehner Children’s School where preschool laboratory experience is provided for practical application. Practical experience is built into all areas of study. Honors credit is available for students who desire greater depth. Preparation for graduate study can be pursued in any area represented in the department.

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Child and Family Studies Department Policies

All Child and Family Studies courses must have been taken within the last 10 years to count towards major/minor requirements.

The Child and Family Studies Department will only accept two non-articulated transfer courses for the major/minor.

If a grade in a Child and Family Studies major/minor course does not meet the minimum requirement for graduation, the student may retake the course once. In special circumstances, by the judgment of the department chair, the student may petition the Family Studies or Early Childhood Committee, as appropriate, to graduate with the lower grade.  The Retention & Referral Policy can be found at http://bit.ly/2wd0DxG.

All students with a major/minor in Child & Family Studies are strongly encouraged to contact the department academic advisor in McKay Education Building room 248 (801-626-6411) early in their academic career for advisement and declaration of a major and/or minor.

Students must undergo a background check and be fingerprinted for major and course requirements.

Early Childhood Laboratory

The Melba S. Lehner Children’s School serves as an early childhood laboratory to give students practical experience in early childhood environments. Students must complete Child and Family Studies prerequisite major courses at a B- level or better and apply to the Director of the Melba S. Lehner Children’s School two semesters prior to student teaching. Other practical experience can be arranged with a faculty advisor.

Double Major

Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Students wanting licensure in both Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education are encouraged to complete a double major. All course requirements must be completed for both majors, which include only one semester of student teaching EDUC 4840 - Student Teaching in Elementary Education  and EDUC 4850 - Integrated Elementary Education Student Teaching Seminar and Synthesis . Students will complete the Early Childhood Education requirements.  Please see the CHF department academic advisor for additional coursework and information.  


Child and Family Course Descriptions  


    Associate of Applied ScienceBachelor of ScienceEmphasis Option for Bachelor of Integrated Studies

       BIS emphases are also offered for most programs with a minor.

    MinorHonors, Departmental