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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Student Affairs, Services and Information

The Division of Student Affairs includes a variety of services ranging from those that directly supplement classroom learning to those which are aimed at helping students attain a holistic education and a healthy lifestyle. The goal of Student Affairs is a commitment to solving student problems and helping students become aware of services, activities and programs available to them. The staff in Student Affairs will assist in designing, developing, implementing and evaluating programs to expand the students’ personal development and enrich co-curricular opportunities.

Campus Services


Telephone: 801-626-6352
Location: Shepherd Union Building and Davis Campus

  • Textbooks
  • Computer Sales and Service
  • School and Office Supplies
  • Vocational Art & Engineering Supplies
  • General Books & Gifts

Computing Support Services

Location: Technical Education (TE) 209
Telephone: 801-626-7777

Wildcat and Email Account

All Weber State University students are provided a Wildcat account that includes email. Many professors communicate with their students by email, so it is important for students to activate their accounts early on. Students must also activate their Wildcat account prior to online registration. This can be done via the Computing Support Services Website at weber.edu/eservices (visit any student computer lab to access the Internet).

Student ID (Wildcard)

Telephone: 801-626-6367
Location: Shepherd Union Lobby Information Center
Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m., Sat - 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Hours may vary during breaks and summer)

You need a Wildcard because it:

  • is your library card
  • allows you use of the physical education facilities
  • gives you free admittance into athletic events and discounts to select club events
  • is used for dining options
  • allows you to print in the computer labs
  • gives you access to campus health facilities
  • is your I.D. to be used at the testing center and to get transcripts printed

The Wildcard is available for students and their dependents and spouse. There is a $10.00 fee for each new card. Dependents and spouses of students also pay an additional activation fee per semester. There is a $20.00 fee for all replacements, lost or stolen Wildcards. See weber.edu/wildcard for more information.

Parking Services

Telephone: 801-626-6533
Location: Annex 5
Hours: Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Parking Services is responsible for issuing parking permits and regulating traffic, parking, and related campus matters. See weber.edu/parking for more information.


Academic Support Services

Academic Support Centers & Programs

Main Telephone: 801-626-6870
Website: weber.edu/ascp

Academic Support Centers and Programs (ASCP) offers an array of services designed to meet the individual needs of WSU students. These services include tutoring, testing centers, computer labs, and international academic support programs.

Tutoring Services

Website: weber.edu/tutoring

Academic Support Centers and Programs (ASCP) offers an array of peer tutoring services designed to meet the individual needs of WSU students. Tutoring focus is on developmental and general education courses. The program is certified by the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) and includes peer tutors certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). ASCP strives to assist WSU students reach their academic goals by helping them become strong, independent learners.

Supplemental Instruction

Ogden Campus - Telephone: 801-626-7847
Location: Student Services, Suite 160;
Davis Campus Telephone: 801-395-3539
Website: weber.edu/si

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides opportunities for students to participate in learning teams where they explore concepts and solve problems through group discussion and interaction as directed by a student team leader who has successfully completed the course. SI student leaders work in collaboration with the course professor and SI coordinator.

Student Support Services

Telephone: 801-626-7009
Location: Student Services, Suite 260
Website: weber.edu/sss

Student Support Services (SSS) provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and motivates students toward completion of their college degree. The goal of SSS is to increase college retention and graduation rates of its participants and to help students make the transition from one level of higher education to the next. The program is only open to students who have been admitted to, or are enrolled at, Weber State University.

Summerbridge (Connecting to College, SmartStart)

Telephone: 801-626-7707
Location: Student Services Suite 260
Website: weber.edu/summerbridge

  • Supports students who are transitioning between high school and college
  • Meets the needs of students who are low-income and first generation college students
  • Includes a 7-week summer bridge program
    • Students get an early start on fall classes
    • Group seminars allow students to get to know the campus and each other
  • One-on-one peer mentoring
  • Students continue to receive academic support during their first year at WSU
  • All services are provided free of charge

Computer Labs

Telephone: 801-626-7018
Website: weber.edu/computerlabs

Student Affairs Technology manages WSU’s nine open student computer labs. These computer labs are meant to serve the general needs of all enrolled WSU students. Lab hours vary from lab to lab, but overall lab hours range from 6:30 a.m. to midnight and some labs are open seven days a week.


Hours and software may vary in each location and semester.  Please check Website for current information.


Testing Centers

The testing center offers a variety of standardized tests for the purpose of placement into appropriate courses, admission to academic programs, assistance in choosing a career or major, and assistance with college or personal adjustments.  Tests are also administered for various academic departments on campus and for Independent Study courses.

Telephone: 801-626-6803
Website: weber.edu/testingcenter


  Student Services, Room 262 Social Science, Room 38                       Morgan Testing Center
  Science Lab, Room 228 Davis Campus, Room 214
  Shepherd Union, Room 323 West Center, Roy


Career Services Center

Telephone: 801-626-6393
Location: Student Services, Suite 230
Website: weber.edu/careerservices

Career Services provides Career Counseling and Employment Advising to individuals and groups through interest, personality and ability assessments. A career development class is offered to students in a traditional classroom setting and on-line. Help is provided with resume and interview preparation and networking strategies. The Career Center introduces students to employers through Career and Job Fairs and through employer information sessions during the year. Students can find part-time jobs on campus and full and part-time jobs off campus through Career Connect Career Services works with employers to develop internships and jobs through employer outreach efforts. Counselors provide students with graduate school information and a Graduate School Fair is held annually. Career Services is a key contributor to the next step success of Weber State Students.


Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Program

Telephone: 801-626-7561
Location: Student Services, Suite 150
Website: weber.edu/studentwellness

The WSU student wellness program (located in Student Service Center, Room 150Q) views every student as a whole person with the inherent capability to succeed in all areas of life: intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Our programming focuses on functional health education with an emphasis on increasing critical thinking skills, self-awareness, confidence, and behavior change knowledge, and ability. The program specifically provides education on alcohol, stress, drugs, tobacco, nutrition, healthy interpersonal relationships, and exercise. Services are offered through group and one-on-one wellness coaching, campus and community partnering, and health education campaigns.

Student Health Center

Telephone: 801-626-6459
Location: Student Services, Suite 190
Website: weber.edu/healthcenter

The Student Health Center (located in the Student Service Center, Room 190) provides clinical medical care and assistance on a walk-in basis. Students with current Wildcard ID are eligible for services. Health insurance is not required to use the Student Health Center. During their office visits students may receive examinations, evaluations and minor care for free. X-rays, medicines, lab work etc. incur minimal charges.

Counseling & Psychological Services Center

Telephone: 801-626-6406
Location: Student Services, Suite 280
Website: weber.edu/counselingcenter

The mission of the Counseling and Psychological Services Center (located in the Student Service Center, Room 280) is to enhance the psychological growth and development of the diverse Weber State University community. The center provides professional assistance for students struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, stress, grief or other concerns.


Services for Special Student Populations

Women’s Center

Telephone: 801-626-6090
Location: SUB 322
Website: weber.edu/womenscenter

The Women’s Center (located in the Shepherd Union, Room 322) programs and services are aimed at empowering individuals to strengthen and utilize all educational, interpersonal and leadership opportunities available at Weber State University. The center offers practicum/intern and work-study opportunities, volunteer opportunities, individual consultation and advisement, scholarships, a single mothers support group, and referrals to campus and community resources. Campus and community presentations are available upon request.


Betty Sawyer, State GEAR UP Partnership Director
Andrea Curtis, First Year Services, Coordinator
Telephone: 801-626-8511
Location: SC Room 150

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness & Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) provides college readiness support for targeted students in the Weber and Davis school districts. First Year services are also provided for GEAR UP students pursuing post-secondary education. The GEAR UP program includes the following services:

  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Advising
  • FAFSA Completion
  • ACT Preparation
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Campus Visits
  • Family Outreach

Multicultural Student Center

Telephone: 801-626-7330
Location: Student Services, Suite 150
Website: weber.edu/multicultural

The Multicultural Student Center (MSC) can help you connect socially, culturally, spiritually and academically.  We offer guidance through one-on-one advising, student-to-student connection with our peer mentor program, and educational funding by helping you through the scholarship and financial aid process.  Get involved with our many social, cultural, spiritual, and educational events throughout the year.  Our study lounge with computers and free printing is available to all students.  We are located in the Student Services Center, Room 150.

International Student & Scholar Center

Telephone: 801-626-6853
Fax:  801-626-7693
Location: Student Services, Suite 143
Website: weber.edu/sis

The International Student and Scholar Center advises and assists international students with their personal, cultural, and academic adjustment to WSU. An orientation program is provided for all new international students each semester. Advisement is available to assist students concerning immigration related questions and concerns. The ISSC assists students with the following:

  • International Student Admissions
  • Student Advocacy and Adjustment
  • Student Clubs
  • International Events
  • International Exchange Programs
  • Consultation & Outreach

Hourly Childcare Center

Telephone: 801-626-7798
Location: Shepherd Union Building, Room 322 E
Website: weber.edu/nontrad

The Hourly Childcare Center (located in Shepherd Union, Room 322 E) is designed to provide flexible, hourly, or back-up care for the children of WSU students. Children ages two to nine years old may attend. A child may be at the center for a maximum of four hours per day, while parents are attending classes, using the computer lab, studying, or using other campus resources. There is a $15 application fee (one-time, nonrefundable). Applications are accepted on an on-going basis. The hourly rate is $3.50/ hour. Back-up care is based on availability.

Nontraditional Student Center

Telephone: 801-626-7794
Location: Shepherd Union Building, Room 322 and Davis Campus, D2, 307
Website: weber.edu/nontrad

The Nontraditional Student Center (located in Shepherd Union, Room 322 and at Davis Campus, D2, 307) has a lounge, kitchen, computer lab, study area, and hourly childcare center (Ogden Campus only) to help meet the needs of students who are over 25, married, a parent, divorced, or widowed. Peer mentors are available to help navigate the campus and provide support to students academically and personally. The center strives to provide a supportive environment through events and other educational experiences allowing the student to be involved at WSU while still balancing family, home, and work. The center offers scholarships and leadership opportunities.

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

Ogden Telephone: 801-626-6413
Davis Telephone: 801-395-3524
Video Phone: 866-682-8207
Ogden Location: Student Services, Suite 181
Davis Location: Bldg D2, Room 256
Website: weber.edu/ssd

Email: ssd@weber.edu

Students requesting accommodations due to disability should be referred to Services for Students with Disabilities (located in the Student Service Center, Suite 181). Based upon documentation of the disability, SSD will authorize appropriate accommodations. SSD works closely with faculty and staff to ensure that any given accommodation is appropriate and necessary for the situation. Some examples of accommodations are the following: classroom interpreting for deaf students, alternative-format textbooks, Braille and large print materials for handouts and syllabi, test accommodations, adaptive technology, registration assistance and advisement. SSD advises students on issues related to disabilities and higher education and provides priority registration for qualified students.

Veterans Services

Telephone: 801-626-6039/6042
Location: Student Service Center, Room 154
Website: weber.edu/vetaffairs

Veterans Services (located in the Student Service Center, Room 154) is the liaison between Weber State University and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for educational benefits for veterans and dependents who are eligible for the G.I. Bill. In addition, Veterans Services provides a variety of support services to assist in making education a successful experience for veterans. The center also helps veterans and their dependents identify sources of support for their educational needs.

Education Access and Outreach (WSU Educational Outreach Programs)

Telephone: 801-626-7006
Location: Student Services, Room 150
Website: weber.edu/eao

Education Access and Outreach (EAO) is a combination of support programs that include K-16 partnerships and encourage underrepresented students who are traditionally non-college bound to pursue and successfully complete a post-secondary education that meets the mutual needs of the university, public school system and community. Initiatives and partnerships may include: Gateway to Education, Underrepresented Marketing Campaign, Oportunidad Scholarship Program, FAFSA February and College Transition Events.

Student 2 Student Outreach (S2S)

Telephone: 801-626-7027
Location: Student Services, Room 150
Website: weber.edu/S2S

College mentors and advocates provide college-readiness and access opportunities for under-represented youth through mentorship, advocacy, on-campus activities and college enrollment assistance. S2S serves over 10 secondary schools in Ogden, Weber and Davis school districts to better prepare junior high and high school students for a post-secondary education. Serving as a critical component, university students receive the opportunity to have a rewarding job and acquire professional and personal skills that will enhance their college education.

Services include:

  • Multicultural Youth Conference
  • Supporting Latinos In Action Partnership
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • On-campus activities and Field trips
  • Summer programs (Summer Summit)
  • Workshops and presentations
  • Assistance in completing FASFA, scholarships
  • College admissions and enrollment

Educational Talent Search (TRIO Program)

Telephone: 801-626-7369
Location: Student Services, Room 150
Website: weber.edu/talentsearch

The Talent Search program identifies and assists individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic, career, and financial counseling to its participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and continue on to and complete their postsecondary education. The program publicizes the availability of financial aid and assist participant with the postsecondary application process. Talent Search also encourages persons who have not completed education programs at the secondary or postsecondary level to enter or reenter and complete postsecondary education. The goal of Talent Search is to increase the number of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who complete high school and enroll in and complete their postsecondary education.

Services include:

  • Academic advising
  • Career and college planning
  • Admission application assistance
  • Financial aid/scholarship assistance
  • College entrance examination preparation
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Referrals to tutoring/mentoring programs
  • Field trips to colleges and cultural programs
  • College resources/workshops for parents and families


Housing & Residence Life

Telephone: 801-626-7275
Location: Wildcat Village
Website: weber.edu/housing

Housing serves single students who choose to live on campus in a living/learning environment which includes peer counseling, social education, academic support, and planned activities. Housing is located in two distinct villages. University Village is comprised of 4-person suite style with kitchens, private bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Wildcat Village, our newest on-campus housing offers single and double rooms in a suite style with 4 people per suite. Housing includes high speed internet, IPTV, fully furnished, fitness centers, laundry, and mail facilities. Wildcat Village also has a food service operation in the complex.

With our Living/Learning Villages, Housing offers several opportunities for students to get involved. Resident Assistants (RA’s), Residence Hall Association (RHA), and Office Assistants (OA’s) work and/or volunteer in the housing community.


Student Life & Activities

Department of Campus Recreation

Telephone: 801-626-7967
Location: Stromberg Wildcat Center for Health, Education, and Wellness, Room 101
Website: weber.edu/campusrecreation

The Department of Campus Recreation offers a variety of recreational opportunities at the C. William Stromberg Complex/Reed K. Swenson Building and throughout campus for users with an active WSU Wildcard. The staff strive to create opportunities that inspire engagement in healthy active lifestyles! Please check weber.edu/campusrecreation for facility hours, program information, and schedules.

Campus Recreation Programs and Services offers students opportunities to improve their personal health, well-being, and overall health through:

  • Aquatics Program
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Intramural Sports and Club Sports
  • Outdoor Programs (Located in Annex 9)
  • Special Events

WSU Athletics

Telephone: 801-626-6817
Location: Stadium, second floor
Website: www.weberstatesports.com

The mission of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to support the greater mission of Weber State University in meeting the educational needs of Utah by stimulating and improving athletics programs for students designed to develop and promote skills that assure an excellent chance of success in athletics participation, college, and career.

Shepherd Union

Telephone: 801-626-6367
Location: Shepherd Union
Website: weber.edu/union

The Shepherd Union provides a focal point for the Weber State University community through an array of programs, services and operations which are:

  • Wildcard Office – Shepherd Union Information Center
  • Information Center
  • Wildcat Lanes & Games Center
  • Personal Banking
  • WSU Bookstore
  • Scheduling Events and Conference Services
  • Dining Services

Department of Student Involvement and Leadership

Telephone: 801-626-6349
Location: Shepherd Union, Suite 326
Website: weber.edu/studentinvolvement

The Department of Student Involvement & Leadership (SIL) promotes involvement in the campus through out of class learning opportunities and experiences that enhance the cultural, intellectual, leadership, personal, and professional development of students as well as build a sense of community and pride in the University.  Through opportunities in Clubs & Organizations, the Weber State University Student Organization, Convocations, Leadership Retreats, Campus Programing Board, and the Emerging leaders Program, SIL embraces the motto “Involvement Leads to Success”.

SIL programs focus on helping students develop in the following areas:

  • Leadership development
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Personal growth
  • Problem solving skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Moral development
  • Self-esteem
  • Civic engagement
  • Vocational aspirations

Center for Diversity and Unity

Director: Adrienne Andrews
Location: Shepherd Union Building, Room 232
Telephone: 801-626-6957
Internet Address: weber.edu/diversity
Email: diversity@weber.edu

At Weber State University’s Center for Diversity & Unity, we are committed to providing access, building community, and educating each other about diversity issues while creating a learning environment that values inclusion, cultural competence, and intercultural sensitivity for all students, staff, and faculty. We are committed to the pursuit of learning from and with a diverse group that sometimes reflects who we are and sometimes does not in order to affirm the dignity of all people.

The Center for Diversity and Unity strives to achieve these efforts by following closely along with the University’s Inclusivity Statement and Diversity Initiative.

Opportunities for students include:

  • Volunteering and attending diversity-related events
  •  Participating on the Diversity Board planning committees
  • Leadership opportunities within WSUSA

Office hours at Ogden Campus Only (Shepherd Union 232)
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday

LGBT Resource Center

Director: TBA
Location: Student Service Center, Room 154
Telephone: 801-626-7243

The LGBT Resource Center is committed to supporting students, faculty and community members by providing information, resources and support to accommodate someone questioning, coming out, curious or an ally and to provide a community of caring individuals. Our goals is to create a safe and inclusive environment for the LGBT and ally community within the University through educational experiences, both in and out of the classroom, advocacy, and support that promotes the personal, intellectual and academic growth of all students, faculty and staff.

The LGBT Resource Center strives to achieve these efforts by following closely along with the University’s Inclusivity Statement and Diversity Initiative.

  • Opportunities for students, faculty and staff include:
  • Safe Zone Training and Ally Development workshops and activities
  • Monthly book discussion and film series
  • Annual events and activities including National Coming Out Day, Transgender Education and Awareness Month, Gaypril and PRIDE
  • Leadership opportunities within WSUSA

Office hours at Ogden Campus Only (Student Service Center, Rm. 154)
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday

Center for Community Engaged Learning

Telephone: 801-626-7737
Location: Shepherd Union, Suite 327
Website: weber.edu/CCEL

The Center for Community Engaged Learning represents an intentional and strategic partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to facilitate a civically engaged experience for Weber State University students. The mission of the center is to engage students, faculty and staff in service, democratic engagement, and community research to promote civic participation, build community capacity, and enhance the education process.

Students can participate in co-curricular service activities addressing environmental concerns, food security issues, lack of low cost housing, and mentoring youth through the Community Engaged Leaders program.

Curricular service-learning, democratic engagement and community research experiences can be accessed in CEL designated courses (community engaged learning).

Students can participate in political and non-political discussions, deliberations and projects addressing issues of public concern through the American Democracy Project or the Engaged Learning Series, which focuses on a different topic each year.

Students engaged in significant service, democratic engagement, and community research for the community can be recognized at graduation for their important contributions through the Excellence in Community Engagement honor or WSU’s service-scholar program, Civitas.

Scholarships and AmeriCorps membership offer students the opportunity to pursue their degree and a leadership experience while serving their community.

Hall Endowment for Community Outreach Grants provide funding for faculty, staff and/or students engaged in community engaged learning projects throughout Ogden and the surrounding communities.

Students may also receive recognition for his/her outstanding involvement in the community.

WSU Student Association (WSUSA)

Telephone: 801-626-6349
Location: Shepherd Union, Suite 326
Website: weber.edu/studentinvolvement

WSU Student Association (WSUSA) includes:

  • Legislative Branch (Student Senate)
  • Judicial Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Committee Involvement

Dean of Students

Telephone: 801-626-7256
Location: Student Services Center, Room 151

The Office of the Dean of Students (located in the Student Services Center, Room 151) is committed to assisting each student to become a successful member of the Weber State University community. As a means of supporting this mission, the Dean’s office is responsible for Student Code of Conduct. The Student Conduct process is designed to assist in the development and education of students, promote mutual respect within the University community, contribute to maintaining a safe campus environment, and provide a process for tracking repeated incidents of student code violation.

The WSU Student Code can be found online (weber.edu/ppm), WSU Policy and Procedures Manual section 6-22.