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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

College of Applied Science & Technology

Dr. David L. Ferro, Dean

The vision of the College of Applied Science & Technology is to be the leader in the State in technology and technology related programs through service to our students and the businesses and industries in our region. The mission of the College is to serve the citizens of Northern Utah and the State of Utah by:

  • Preparing students for employment upon graduation and ensuring that they are productive, accountable and responsible individuals able to function effectively in today’s workplace.
  • Engaging in scholarly activities which expand the technological education our students receive and provide a service to business and industry.
  • Utilizing the College’s resources and faculty expertise to benefit students, business, industry, education, government and society in general.

The College Mission Statement: The primary goal of the College of Applied Science and Technology is to implement the mission of Weber State University and to prepare students for employment upon graduation by ensuring that they are productive, accountable, and responsible individuals able to function effectively in today’s workplace. This goal is achieved by developing in students a cohesive, solid theoretical foundation bolstered by practical, hands-on experiences. The learning environment is further enhanced by extensive contact between faculty and students both in and out of the classroom. In addition, the liberal education component present in all programs equips students for lifelong learning in a changing world.

College Advisor: Rainie Ingram 801-626-7785
Telephone Contact: Gina Naisbitt 801-626-6303
Location: Engineering Technology Building, Room 110

Department Chairs

Automotive Technology: Joseph Grundvig   801-626-6579
Parson Construction Management Technology: Joseph Wolfe   801-626-7761
Computer Science: Brian Rague   801-626-7929
Engineering: Kirk D. Hagen   801-626-6898
Engineering Technology: Rick Orr   801-626-6305
Network Technology and Business Multimedia: Allyson Saunders   801-626-6059
Professional Sales: Carl Grunander   801-626-6912

Alan E. Hall Center for Sales Excellence

Interim Directors:  Aaron Hall and David Ferro
Location:  TE 101  Telephone:  801-626-6913

The Alan E. Hall Center for Sales Excellence was established in 2013 through a grant funded by the Alan and Jeanne Hall Foundation to promote and explore sales excellence by collaboratively engaging academic and industry sales experts. The Center for Sales Excellence is the nexus of a community of learners and benefactors in sales expertise. It develops sales curricula and instruction for private and public institutions, creates online resources for sales, partners with industry to augment industry-specific sales skill-sets, promotes the development of improved sales technology and theory-based techniques, and links sales students with experienced sales professionals and organizations.

Center for Automotive Science and Technology

Director: Joe Thomas
Location: TE 201 Telephone: 801-626-7836

The Center for Automotive Science and Technology was established in 1997 to assist in developing a better understanding of vehicle emissions among academic, regulatory, and private sector entities, both locally and nationally. To do this, the Center provides training to automotive technicians, instructors, regulatory officials, field engineers, and consumer groups as well as doing applied research on vehicular emissions. Additionally, the Center gathers and disseminates information about the impact of emissions, design for emission abatement, and efficiency of vehicles. The Center is a cooperative endeavor of the University, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, and multiple private companies.

The School of Computing

Director: Brian Rague
Location: TE 110   Telephone: 801-626-7929   Email: brague@weber.edu

The School of Computing was established in the summer of 2014 to allow two departments within the College to work more closely together to coordinate and share resources with the primary purpose of providing exceptional educational opportunities to students in the growing area of computing and computational systems. Both the Computer Science Department (Dr. Brian Rague - Department Chair) and the Network Technology and Business Multimedia Department (Dr. Allyson Saunders - Department Chair) are currently part of The School of Computing. Students can major in computer science, network technology, business/multimedia, and teaching in computer science, business, and marketing. Some of the content students can study includes software engineering, mobile applications, programming languages, game development, network technologies, network security, database development, multimedia applications, user interface/user experience, and web design and development.

Technology Outreach Center

Directors: Rainie Ingram and Luke Fernandez
Location: ET 116  Telephone: 801-626-7785

The Technology Outreach Center was established in 1991 to provide various types of technical assistance to the community region. The goal of the Center includes furnishing technical, managerial, and interdisciplinary support for the University, regional businesses, governments, schools, and other organizations. The Center works as an outreach organization in promoting technological excellence through educational outreach. The Center works as an information clearing house by conducting data base searches, providing technical assistance in product or process development or testing, demonstrating new or emerging technologies, training, promoting technical careers in primary, secondary, and post-secondary students, and creating an understanding of technology, economy, society, and the individual. This assistance, which is provided by faculty, students, staff, and others, and includes, but is not limited to, problem solving, decision support for new technology or systems, product or process design assistance, material handling, cost analysis, quality control assistance, team building, software and hardware development, technical training, promotion, retreats, camps, classes, and seminars.

Departments and Programs


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