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2024-25 Catalog 
2024-25 Catalog
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CS 6011 - Thesis Research

Credits: (2-6)
Typically Taught Summer Semester: Full Sem
Typically Taught Fall Semester: Full Sem
Typically Taught Spring Semester: Full Sem
Course Fee: $7.50
Course Fee Purpose: Course fees are designed to cover the costs of lab equipment maintenance and replacement including desktop and server computer systems and software; consumable materials and supplies; and support for lab aides, student tutors, and online instructional resources.
Description: Students are required to complete original computer science research resulting in a thesis.  Students must demonstrate proficiency in research, design, analysis, project planning, implementation, testing, presentation and documentation.  Students receive T (temporary) grades until their final design review, after which these grades are changed retroactively.  Students must be enrolled in CS 6011 at the time of their final thesis defense.
May be taken up to 10 times for credit.

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