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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Nursing (AS)

  • Grade Requirements: A minimum grade of “B-” in all Nursing courses in addition to a grade of “C” in each support course.
  • Credit Hour Requirement: The AS in Nursing is approximately 74-75 credit hours. This includes 37 credit hours of General Education and 33 Nursing credit hours. Twenty residency hours are also required.
  • Program Code: 2009AS
  • CIPC: 513801

Clinical Ratio is 1:3 (one clinical credit hour means there are three clock hours of clinical)


Contact the DCHP Admissions Office at (801) 626-6136 for admission advisement.

Use Grad MAPs to plan your degree

Admission Requirements

Admission is competitive; therefore, the criteria listed on the application form should be considered as minimum standards.

DCHP Admission Office (801) 626-6136

Applicants for admission must first apply for admission to Weber State University. Applicants must also apply for admission to the Associate of Science Degree Nursing Program. Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions Admissions Advisement Office in the Marriott Allied Heath Building (MAH108B) or complete application information and forms are available on the School of Nursing website at http://weber.edu/nursing. Applications must be completed and on file by the admission cycle application deadline. An application fee must be paid at the time the application is submitted. Admission applications are reviewed by the School of Nursing Admissions and Advancement Committee. Applicants are notified of committee decision by mail. Applicants to this program must have a current CNA or EMT certificate in order to apply.

All prerequisite courses must be successfully completed with a “C” grade or better in order to advance into the first semester of the nursing program. Admission requirements are outlined on the admissions application available at http://weber.edu/nursing.

Major Course Requirements for AS Degree

Nursing Courses Required (must be taken in sequence)

Prerequisite/Support Courses Required

(must be taken in sequence listed or earlier)

Prerequisite and support courses must be completed and passed with a “C” or better prior to progression to the next semester.

Additional General Education and Support Courses

Sample Plan of Study for General Education and Support Courses

First Semester

These courses must be completed before Third Semester

  • American Institution Gen Ed Course (3)
  • *Humanities Gen Ed Course (3)
  • *Gen Ed SS Social Science (3)

Fourth Semester

  • *Gen Ed HU or CA Humanities or Creative Arts (3)
  • Gen Ed IL Information Literacy (4)
  • *Gen Ed CA Creative Arts (3)


*University diversity requirement for AS Degree can be met by taking an approved course.  See Diversity Requirement