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2024-25 Catalog 
2024-25 Catalog

German Certificate of Proficiency

The Certificate of Proficiency in German will allow students and professionals to validate intermediate competency in oral and written German, affording them an advantage in employment, broadening business opportunities and enriching their cultural and social understanding of our community and of the francophone world. This Certificate provides concrete evidence of speaking and writing skills for employers and associates.

  • Grade Requirements: A grade of “C” or better in all courses used for this certificate
  • Credit Hour Requirements: A total of 18 credit hours is required.
  • Program Code: 3028CP
  • CIPC: 16.0501

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate speaking and listening proficiency in the language they are studying.
  • Demonstrate writing ability, including a command of grammar and appropriate usage to express their ideas.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write in different styles. (3000 level courses)
  • Write an analysis or a literary or cultural work in the language. (3000 level courses)
  • Describe and explain aspects of the culture(s) of the language being studied.

Core Courses

Complete the following (12 credit hours):

Elective Courses

6 credit hours in German at the 3000 level or higher.