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2024-25 Catalog 
2024-25 Catalog

Master of Arts in English (MA), English Education Emphasis

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Admission Requirements

Admission to the MA program requires a bachelor’s degree in English. Students with less English preparation may petition for conditional admission which may require that they take additional classes at the 5000-level for full matriculation. Applicants must complete an online application. Criteria for acceptance into the program include: Undergraduate degree in English with a minimum GPA of 3.25 in the major (preferred) Submission of writing sample (6-8 pages) Transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended Three letters of recommendation from educational or professional references Interview with the program director or option coordinator

Additional Requirements for International Students

All international students and any applicants educated outside the United States must demonstrate proficiency in English. Those whose native language is not English must submit an official score from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) of 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based). Other appropriate tests may be used as an alternative to the TOEFL, such as IELT and the WSU LEAP Special Examination. The score may not be more than two years old.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credit must be approved by the program director and cannot exceed 11 credit hours. Transfer classes must be at appropriate levels and fulfill the objectives of the Master of Arts in English degree at WSU. No courses for which credit was used to fulfill requirements of another degree may be used toward the Master of Arts in English degree.

Obsolete Credits

Credit earned more than ten (10) years earlier than the proposed date of graduation will not be accepted for the MA degree unless approved by the program director.

Graduation Requirements

Credit hour requirements are determined within the option. A minimum of 24 credit hours at the 6000-level and a minimum of 33 total credit hours are required in the program. Students must complete all requirements in one of the options. Grades of B- or better in all courses counting toward the degree. Students with a BS degree must show foreign language competency either by completing six hours of a foreign language class with a grade of C (or better) or by passing a prescribed foreign language reading test. Students not completing a thesis will be required to submit a portfolio of their work to the program for assessment purposes.

  • Program Code: 3056MENG with an emphasis in Creative Writing (3110), Literature (3111), English Education (3119), or English Studies(3125)
  • CIPC: Master of English (230101), Creative Writing (231302), Literature (231401), English Education(131305), or English Studies(230101)

Time for Degree Completion

MENG students must receive approval from the program director to register for more than nine (9) credit hours in a semester. MENG students have a maximum of six calendar years to complete their degree requirements, starting from the first semester during which the student has registered for and begun taking classes. Students who exceed this time limit may submit a letter of appeal to the program director to request an extension. Students who fail to enroll in program classes for three consecutive semesters (not including summers) must apply for readmission to the program. In order to ensure timely progress through the program, students are encouraged to consult with an advisor at least once a year.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate…

  • The ability to gather, analyze, and communicate information and insights critically.
  • The ability to closely read and analyze texts within historical contexts and critical frameworks.
  • The ability to apply theory and research to pragmatic and practical pedagogical processes.
  • A commitment to equitable pedagogical practices articulated through a research-based rationale consistent with Utah State Core Standards, the ELA Endorsement Competencies, and the Utah Effective Teaching Standards.

Course Requirements for Master of Arts in English

All MENG students will be required to complete the Core Requirements as part of their degree. In addition to the Core, a student needs to complete one of the emphasis areas.

Core Requirements

Core Research Methods

Required in the first full semester (Fall/Spring) of enrollment.

Core Literary Studies

Select one course from the following: (Note: These courses may be repeated for credit with different content).

English Education Emphasis Requirements

Adolescent Literacy Development

Language and Sociolinguistics

Select one course from the following:

Selecting and Teaching Texts, Speaking and Listening

Electives (15-16 Credit Hours)

Elective courses must be taken to fulfill the remaining 15-16 credit hours needed to achieve the minimum 33 credit hours required to graduate.
Students pursuing the English Education emphasis who are seeking ELA Endorsement and do NOT have undergraduate credits which will fulfill USBE competency standards must take the following elective courses… MENG 6240/50 - Seminar in American/British Literature OR MENG 6260   - Seminar in World Literature (this must NOT be the same course that fulfilled the Core Literature Seminar requirement). An additional writing course that was NOT taken to fulfill the Creating Texts requirement (this could be a course from that list, or it could be any of our Creative Writing workshops: MENG 6730   - Creative Nonfiction Writing, MENG 6740   - Fiction Writing, MENG 6750   - Poetry Writing, MENG 6770   - Screenwriting). Students pursing the English Education emphasis who are seeking ELA Endorsement should consider the following preferred elective for teaching diverse learners… MENG 6410   - Strategies and Methodology of Teaching ESL/Bilingual Students
Students pursuing the English Education emphasis who are seeking teaching licensure from the State of Utah should enroll in the Graduate Certificate of Teaching through the Moyes College of Education. You will need to apply for that program separately from the MA program, but the courses taken in that program will count as electives toward your degree.

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