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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog ARCHIVED CATALOG: Content may no longer be accurate.

Jerry and Vickie Moyes College of Education

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Dr. Kristin Hadley, Dean

The College of Education is committed to developing and maintaining healthy and responsible individuals, families, and schools in a global and diverse society through roles related to the preparation and support of practitioners and educators, service to campus and community, and the discovery and advancement of knowledge.

Students completing baccalaureate programs in the College of Education will be granted the Bachelor of Science degree. The College also grants Master of Education degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and Master of Science degrees in Athletic Training.

Dean: Dr. Kristin Hadley
Location: David O. McKay Education Building, Room 228
Telephone Contact: Carol VandenAkker, 801-626-6272

Associate Dean: Dr. Chloe D. Merrill
Location: David O. McKay Education Building, Room 228
Telephone Contact: 801-626-7515

Department Chairs/Directors

Child and Family Studies: Dr. Wei Qiu   801-626-7386
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences: Dr. Jennifer Turley   801-626-6933
Graduate Certificate in Teaching: Dr. Pene’e Stewart   801-626-7402
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation: Dr. Chad Smith   801-626-7084
Master of Education: Dr. Louise Moulding   801-626-6278
Teacher Education: Dr. Clay Rasmussen   801-626-7239

Grade Appeal Procedures

The evaluation of student performance is recorded on the student’s University transcript as part of the student’s permanent record. The grade is determined by the faculty member responsible for the course and is based upon factors related to achievement of the course objectives. The grade is considered final unless an appropriate appeal is filed by the student. For the student who is dissatisfied with a grade and has reason to believe the grade issued is incorrect, the following appeal procedure is provided by the College and the University. Steps 1 and 2 of the process are considered informal appeals and are designed to provide an avenue for resolution without a formal hearing.

Step 1 Within fourteen (14) days of the beginning of the following term, the student shall confer with the instructor who issued the grade and outline the reason/s why he or she believes the grade to be incorrect. (If the faculty member is unavailable, the student must contact the faculty member’s chairperson within this same time period to request an extension of the time allowed for this step. Such permission must be obtained in writing.) Within seven (7) days of the student-faculty conference, the faculty member shall advise the student, in writing, of the outcome of the course grade review.
Step 2 If the student still considers the grade to be incorrect, the student may appeal the grade at the department level. This appeal must be in writing, must follow the procedures outlined in the College’s Grade Appeal Process document, and must be filed not later than seven (7) days from the date of the completion of step one. The College Grade Appeal Process document may be picked up from the department office or the office of the dean.
Step 3

If, after completion of step 2, the student is still dissatisfied, the student should consult with the University’s due process officer and may request that the case be reviewed by a Weber State University hearing committee.

Departments and Programs

Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Department

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Department of Child and Family Studies Go to CHF website

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Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Go to Human Promotion & Perf website

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Department of Teacher Education Go to Education website

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Graduate Certificate in Teaching

Master of Education (MEd) Go to MED website

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